On Vulnerability

To err on the side of vulnerability alone does not give way to infiltration.

To open yourself to the world and give it your truth is human; we were not built to barricade and bolster walls.

In vulnerability, there is strength. In shielding one’s soul, there is weakness. Fear.

In order for the darkness of life to feed on your openness, you must give it permission. It already resides within you, and is ever-present, even in your lightest days. You have tamed it thus far, and it has created balance that you could not have in pure light. Even the sun can destroy.

To be honest is to be human. To be open is to be alive. The meaning of life cannot be summed up in simple words; rather, in the end, it will all be Meaning.

We may have not come here for defined reason, but we can spend our time here,

either behind castle walls or gazing upon horizons, ever-reaching.