Aries Season: Return to a Beginner's Mindset

Think back to when you were a child; to when you were seeing things for the first time. Everything was new, and your senses were alive. You used to revel in the cool of the grass between your toes, the heat of the sun on your face as you played with friends.

Aries is the youngest sign in the zodiac, and Aries season is a great time to concentrate on living your life with a sense of childlike wonder. As a baby witch, I have been concentrating on really coming into my senses with a beginner’s mindset, and seeing the world around me as if I were seeing it for the first time.

Paying attention to the little details in my every day has done wonders for my brain fog, and for the overall sense of “stuck” I tend to settle into. I can literally see more clearly than when I’m subject to the zombie-like feeling of autopilot mode. Not only has it connected me to my body, it has also greatly enhanced my creativity.

The most basic way of putting it is to notice. Intuition is all about tuning into your senses. Paying close attention to what you taste, what you feel, what you smell, what you see… it all grounds you within your physical and spiritual self and, in turn, leaves you open to sensing more of the world around you… especially those things that aren’t so obvious to the naked eye.

Wherever you are, I want you to look away from your phone or computer screen. Take a look at the space around you. What do you really see? What colors jump out at you? What shapes are pleasing to look at? Engage all five senses in this observation. What are some sounds you notice, and what happens when you listen even closer? Take a sip of your water, or whatever drink you have around. What are a few ways to describe what you taste? If you’re outdoors, walk by a tree and reach your hand out to feel it’s bark. Sense the energy it’s creating and absorbing.

Moving through your life in this conscious way makes every moment meaningful. As someone who has struggled with depression nearly their entire life, this way of moving about my day has truly created so much magick for me, and has enhanced my everyday beyond what I thought was possible.

Pisces season was a time of meditation and reflection, and this season, it’s all about action. Fostering every last bit of your brain power by grounding yourself within your inner child is key in getting shit done in this cycle, especially if you are launching into a new project.

A childlike mind believes that anything is possible. A childlike mind is open to the new, and sees the possibility in even the most mundane of details. As you move through your routine, pay close attention to all five senses. It can be as simple as the feeling of your toothbrush on your gums in the morning, or noticing the cooling effect of drinking that first glass of water upon waking. Set yourself up for success by being conscious within your every move. You’ll be surprised at just how much energy this brings--without the jittery effects of caffeine.

This Aries season, give your childlike self a chance to flourish and play. Give in to this sense of curiosity and really hone the motivation you’re feeling after your time of reflection. No matter where we are in our lives, or—if you subscribe to it—our reincarnation cycles, we are all beginners in this time, and in this world. Embrace it! Your inner child will thank you.